AYMBot® automates the entire trading process and maximizes returns on the world's best performing asset


AYMBot® is a fully automated trading bot that automates the entire trading process. AYMBot® maximizes returns and minimizes risks. the user keeps their money at all times, AYMBot® simply connects to the exchange. AYMBot® then runs bleeding edge technical analysis and risk management processes to determine entry prices and position size before executing the orders. AYMBot® also determines take profit and stop loss levels and enters the orders automatically. Users can withdraw their investment or returns at any time. AYMBot® thrives in bullish and bearish markets and was able to produce 2631% return over a period of 45 months, outperforming BTC by 300%

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Why AYMBot



AI takes up data in real time and improves performance and results.

Bleeding Edge

AYMBot®️ uses the bleeding edge in technical analysis and risk management tools.


The entire trading process is 100% automated and requires zero user intervention.

Safe & Flexible

AYMBot®️ does not have access to user funds. Users can withdraw their funds or returns, or increase their capital at anytime.


AYMBot®️ is capable of executing profitable trades in both uptrends and downtrends.

Emotion-less & Intricate

Trade better than the pros with even more trade data and statistics.


Safeguards ensure no slippage and priority trade execution.



All timeframes, 24/7/365.


Inhuman Returns

AYMBot®️ track record has yielded 2631% over 45 months out performing bitcoin upwards of 300%.

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Getting started with AYMBot® is extremely easy. Users create their account, complete payment and provide their Binance account API keys. AYMBot® does the rest. You can login in to your account to view global and personal trade history and statistics.

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AYMBot® was back-tested during the period 1st September 2017 – 19th May 2021, during which BTC was able to produce a 783% return. AYMBot®, on the other hand, was able to produce more than 3x the returns BTC produced averaging 58% a month for a total return of 2632% for the period of 45 months. A 5,000 USD account invested in BTC and held till the end of the period would be valued at about 44,000 on 19th of May 2021. The same amount placed into AYMBot® would have yielded 137,000 USD.



Over 45 months


Average monthly return


Outperformed Bitcoin


Fill accuracy


It starts off with the machine learning (AI) element, AYMBot® has been designed to learn from the asset it trades. It takes up information in real time and continually adjusts to improve performance. AYMBot® then applies technical analysis tools and advanced methods to determine entry parameters. These TA tools are hardcoded into AYMBot® and run on multiple timeframes for maximum yield and efficiency. Before a trade is executed on exchange, it must first qualify. AYMBot® runs account risk management and position sizing processes to determine the size of each trade. The limit orders are then executed. Once the order is, partially or fully, filled, AYMBot® relays the stop loss and take profit orders to the exchange and ensures that they have been placed. Safeguards are built into AYMBot® to prevent any kind of slippage. AYMBot® tracks the status of each trade in 1 second increments and to trail the stop. tracking the status of each trade in 1 second increments and to trail the stop.

(1) Technical analysis: AYMBot® determines entry parameters
(2) Risk management: trades are qualified
(3) Account management: position size is determined
(4) Execution: orders are sent to exchange
(5) Real time data is consumed. Performance is improved.

Pricing Plans

3 month membership

135$ /mo
  • Starting from 135$/ month
  • Fixed fee for 3 months
  • Renews quarterly
  • -

Annual membership

112.50$ /mo
  • Fee and/or loss refund guarantee *T&C’s apply
  • Starting from 112.50$/ month
  • Renews annually
  • Fixed fee for 1 year; even if account size increases
  • 25% discount

6 months membership

127.50$ /mo
  • Starting from 127.50$/ month
  • Fixed fee for 6 months
  • 15% discount
  • Renews semi-annually


To ensure maximum efficiency and returns AYMBot® was custom built from the ground up and optimized for trading BTC. AYMBot® is reliable, smart, innovative and secure. AYMBot® has no access to user funds, has safeguards to protect against slippage and ensures appropriate stop loss and take profit levels are always in place. AYMBot® combines over 30 years of financial and development experience from top experts in financial markets and blockchain technology.


BTC is the best performing asset on earth bar none. AYMBot® plugs into the BTC chart to give you even better returns. AYMBot®, was able to perform 3x better than BTC during September 2017 – May 2021, returning 2631% compared to BTC’s 783% for the same period. A 5,000 USD account invested in BTC in September 2017, and held till the end of the period would be valued at about 44,000 as of 19th May 2021. The same amount placed into AYMBot® would have yielded 137,000 USD. Simply inhuman.
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AYMBot Version History

AYMBot® is currently updated with performance upgrades and features. We are currently on V1.0 Hello_World. Access our release notes for up to date information.
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Capital at risk. You must renew your membership before it expires. You must do so by visiting https://www.aymbot.com. Failure to renew your membership means that your funds will be at risk unless you manage the trades manually.

Prices (USD)

From To 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
500 999 - - 240
1,000 2,499 - - 630
2,500 4,999 405 765 1,350
5,000 14,999 500 944 1,665
15,000 24,999 675 1,275 2,250
25,000 49,999 1,350 2,550 4,500
50,000 99,999 2,025 3,825 6,750
100,000 199,999 4,050 7,650 13,500
200,000 + 5,400 10,200 18,000


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